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Companion Diagnostics and Personalized Medicine Market Report 2012

Publisher: Select Biosciences
Published: August 2012
Pages: 130


Up-to-Date Market Analyses of the CDx Field

This is the latest and most up-to-date Market Report from Select Biosciences addressing the companion diagnostics (CDx) and personalized medicine marketplace.  Personalized medicine is a broad field with several stakeholders all of which must be aligned in order to capture the immense potential value in targeting therapeutics to the correct patient population—the field of stratified medicine.

Companion Diagnostics has been rapidly expanding over the past 3 years and in this market report we describe the current state of the marketplace from the following perspectives:

  • All the Prognostic and Predictive Biomarkers with Potential Clinical Utility are described—a few have already been developed into CDx and we expect growth in this space
  • Targeted Therapeutics, Associated Biomarkers, Therapeutic Indications, and Testing Mandates are Described
  • Companion Diagnostics Partnerships and Collaborations from 2009 to 2012 are Presented—Provides an Up-to-Date State of the Industry Describing the Disease Areas being Addressed and Types of Biomarkers Being Deployed
  • Quantitative Market Metrics
    • Quantitative Market Forecast: Market Sizing and Growth Rate
    • Revenue Breakout: Rx versus Dx
    • Targeted Rx and CDx Pricing
  • Publication Hotspot Analyses of the Various Cancer Biomarker Classes for Identifying Niches of Market Opportunity in Various Disease Classes

This data-driven characterization of the Companion Diagnostics and Personalized Medicine field is a hands-on document that can be used for competitive benchmarking, business planning, and strategy development—all the data that have been collected in this industry analysis are presented and they form the basis for the conclusions drawn throughout the market report presented in a format enabling “drag-and-drop” into business presentations/business plans—this Market Report is written and delivered to customers in PowerPoint format.

Extensive Market Analyses Presented in this Report

Personalized Medicine and Companion Diagnostics: Market Segmentation and Quantitative Analysis

  • Prognostic Biomarkers in Cancer Listing, Description, and Clinical Significance
  • Predictive Biomarkers in Cancer Listing, Description, and Clinical Significance
  • Summary of Pathways to Regulatory Approval of Companion Diagnostics
  • LDTs under CLIA Certification
  • Outcomes with Drugs in Various Disease Classes
  • Percent of Tumor Classes where Tumors are Associated with Characterized Somatic Mutations
  • Companion Diagnostics and Personalized Medicine: Quantitative Market Metrics
    • How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Companion Diagnostic?
    • Precedent for Premium Pricing in Cancer Targeted Therapeutics
    • Pricing of Selected Personalized Medicine Tests
    • Growth of the Personalized Medicine Marketplace: Market Size/Forecast and Growth Rate

Personalized Medicine Industry Landscape: Selected Indications, Biomarkers and Therapeutics

Market Trends and Evolution of the CDx Marketplace

  • Disparities between Rx and CDx Companies
  • Varying Economic Incentives between Rx and Dx Development
  • Increasing Targeted Rx in the Oncology Space and Effect on CDx Development
  • Current Rx/CDx Co-development Programs in Phase III Trials with Listing of Associated Biomarkers
  • Cancer Classes Addressable by CDx
  • Characterization of Molecular Biomarker Classes: Hotspot Analysis of Publications
    • Cancer Biomarkers
    • Oncogenes
    • Tumor Suppressor Genes
    • Non-coding RNAs
  • Collaborations and Partnering in the CDx Space
    • 2012
    • 2011
    • 2010
    • 2009

Report Table of Contents (TOC) [Click Here to Download PDF File]

For enquiries about this market report, please contact Jeff Fan at