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SELECTBIO Conferences Oxygen and pH Sensing in Cell Culture: Latest Advances 2021

Oxygen and pH Sensing in Cell Culture: Latest Advances 2021 Agenda

Tuesday, 12 January 2021


Start and Introduction to the Virtual Conference [All Times are Eastern Times]

Chairperson's Opening Remarks
Session Chair: Sandy Williams, Marketing and Product Manager, Scientific Bioprocessing, United States of America


Welcome, Introduction and Topics Addressed
John Moore, President, Scientific Bioprocessing, United States of America


Doris TaylorKeynote Presentation

Organ Engineering in 2020 and Beyond: Overcoming Technical Hurdles
Doris Taylor, Innovator and Entrepreneur, RegenMedix Technologies & RegenMedix Consulting, LLC, United States of America


Metabolism, Buffers, and Feedbacks: What Sets the pH of Culture Media?
Pawel Swietach, Professor of Physiology, University of Oxford, United Kingdom


Mid-Morning Break


Deconstructing the in vitro Oxygen Environment
Derek Toms, PostDoctoral Fellow, University of Calgary, Canada


The Five Heresies of Cell Culture
Jake Boy, Senior Application Scientist, Scientific Bioprocessing, United States of America


Rapidly Prototyped Human Lung-on-a-chip For Disease And Toxicity Modeling And Countermeasure
Shiny Rajan, Research Associate, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicin, United States of America


Lunch Break


Ohad KarnieliKeynote Presentation

Revolutionizing Personalized Cell Therapy by Technology, From Centralized to the Point-of-Care
Ohad Karnieli, Founder & CEO, ADVA Biotechnology, Israel


Measuring pH and DO Inside a BioSettler Used as a Cell Retention Device for Perfusion Bioreactor Cultures
Dhinakar Kompala, Chairman & CEO, Sudhin Biopharma Co., United States of America


Mid-Afternoon Break


Standardized Technologies for Automated Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Clinical Manufacturing
Thomas Shupe, Assistant Professor, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, United States of America


Panel Discussion: Emerging Technologies For 3D Culture, Organoids and Spheroids
This panel discussion brings forth some of the latest trends and technologies in cell culture and challenges in real-time measurements of oxygen and pH. Panelists will present short talks followed by a moderated discussion and audience members are welcome to engage and pose questions for the panelists.


A Biologists Questions About Oxygen and 3D Culture Models
Terry Riss, Senior Product Manager, Cell Health, Promega Corporation, United States of America


The Elephant in the Room Air: Reproducibility
Alicia Henn, Chief Scientific Officer, BioSpherix, Ltd., United States of America


Introducing 4D Oxygen Imaging for 3D Culture Assessment
Mrignayani Kotecha, Chief Executive Officer, O2M Technologies, LLC, United States of America


Live Moderated Panel Discussion: Drs. Sandy Williams and Enal Razvi Panel Moderators


Govind RaoKeynote Presentation

Closing Keynote Presentation: Trip the Light Fantastic: A Prospective Retrospective on Bioprocess Monitoring
Govind Rao, Director, Center for Advanced Sensor Technology and Professor, Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering, UMBC, Baltimore, United States of America


Closing Remarks
John Moore, President, Scientific Bioprocessing, United States of America