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SELECTBIO Conferences Innovations in Microfluidics 2023

Innovations in Microfluidics 2023 Agenda

Semi-Permeable Capsules Enable a Highly Versatile and Robust Analysis of Single-Cell Genomes and Transcriptomes

Vaidotas Kiseliovas, Director of R&D, Atrandi Biosciences

Over the last decade we witnessed an explosion in single-cell -omic technologies using sequencing as readout, and keep observing the advances they brought in fundamental and applied research. To satisfy the need to study thousands of individual cells per sample, well-, droplet-, and fixation-based approaches keep evolving in parallel to provide single-cell compartmentalization required during sequencing library preparation. However, these approaches suffer from a fundamental trade-off between throughput and versatility. Being individually addressable, microwells enable multi-step processing but are not scalable. Droplet- and fixation-based methods offer a throughput of up to a million cells per experiment but only allow a limited number of processing steps to be performed. Our semi-permeable capsule (SPC) technology combines the throughput of droplets with the versatility of wells by enabling a virtually unlimited number of processing steps on genetic material from millions of individual cells in parallel. We will share our results from applying SPCs to study genomes and transcriptomes of millions of individual cells, and demonstrate their suitability for multi-omic approaches.