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SELECTBIO Conferences Bioengineering for Building Microphysiological Systems 2022

Bioengineering for Building Microphysiological Systems 2022 Agenda

Design, Prototyping and Feasibility Studies for Pump-based Multi-Organ MPS

Uwe Marx, CEO TissUse, Technical University of Berlin

Microfluidic microphysiological systems have proven to be a powerful tool for recreating human tissue- and organ-like functions at research level. This provides the basis for the establishment of qualified preclinical assays with improved predictive power. However, industrial adoption of MPS-based assays is progressing slowly due to their complexity. The presentation focusses on the design and prototyping principles of the microfluidic HUMIMIC® platform integrating on-chip micro-pumps and capable to maintain functional various human organ model combinations or single organ equivalents over weeks. Challenges of industrial adoption of the platform, with the focus on models supporting repeated dose testing will be discussed. The creation of complex physiology-based autologous multi-organ systems, mimicking adsorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and crucial organismal feedback loops will be pointed out. Feasibility study data will be presented.