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SELECTBIO Conferences Oxygen and pH Sensing in Cell Culture: Latest Advances 2021

Oxygen and pH Sensing in Cell Culture: Latest Advances 2021 Agenda

A Biologists Questions About Oxygen and 3D Culture Models

Terry Riss, Global Strategic Marketing Manager Cell Health, Promega Corporation

The adoption of 3D culture models is rapidly increasing because they have become accepted as being more physiologically relevant compared to using monolayers of cells grown on plastic. Although a broad spectrum of “fit-for-purpose” 3D models has been developed, often basic biological and physical parameters have been ignored. Culturing cells in non-physiological conditions such as atmospheric levels of oxygen, or stagnant pools of culture medium supplemented with high concentrations of glucose historically have been accepted as the norm. 3D printing or growing relatively large 3D structures without addressing the need for gas exchange may severely limit the usefulness of those models for predicting in vivo outcome. Why are basic biological parameters being ignored when the knowledge and technology exist to address those issues? It may be time for assay developers to revise “good cell culture practices” guidelines to more thoroughly address factors to consider when developing predictive 3D culture model systems.