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SELECTBIO Conferences Stem Cells and Antibodies in Drug Discovery Europe 2018

Joanne Young's Biography

Joanne Young, Senior Scientist

As Senior Scientist at CYTOO SA since 2010, Joanne Young develops and implements new cell culture models and cell-based screening assays destined for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Prior to her current position, she performed post-doctoral work in Rainer Pepperkok’s lab at the EMBL-Heidelberg (Germany), at the Curie Institute in Paris (France) and University of Victoria (Canada). Her investigations covered use of aerolysin toxin as a diagnostic tool, the dynamics of vaccinia virus replication factories, dissection of Rab GTPase regulation of protein trafficking pathways and characterization of a novel primate-specific retrogene. Joanne Young received her B.Sc at Manchester University (UK) and Ph.D from the University of Paris XI (France).

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