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SELECTBIO Conferences Oxygen and pH Sensing in Cell Culture: Latest Advances 2021

Alicia Henn's Biography

Alicia Henn, Chief Scientific Officer

Alicia Henn is Chief Scientific Officer of BioSpherix, Ltd. She holds a PhD in Molecular Pharmacology and Cancer Therapeutics from Roswell Park Cancer Institute (2000). She also holds an MBA (2013) from University of Rochester, where she was a B cell biologist at the Center for Biodefense Immune Modeling. She is an inventor with patents from her work at RPCI, University of Rochester, and BioSpherix. Alicia writes the company blog, Cytocentric, and is also the founder/owner of the In Vitro Reproducibility Group on LinkedIn. Her research program focuses on physiologically relevant in vitro cell environments for reducing the time, money, and animals used to get novel therapeutics to the humans that need them.

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