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SELECTBIO Conferences Oxygen and pH Sensing in Cell Culture: Latest Advances 2021

Mrignayani Kotecha's Biography

Mrignayani Kotecha, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Mrignayani Kotecha is a founding member and the CEO of O2M Technologies, LLC. O2M was formed with the purpose of bringing pulse electron paramagnetic resonance oxygen imaging (EPROI) to the market. Our commitment is to use oxygen imaging to build better cancer, type I diabetes, and tissue engineering regenerative medicine therapies. O2M has developed a 25 mT preclinical oxygen imager, JIVA-25, that has a small footprint and can be installed in any laboratory within a small space and regular outlet. O2M also established an “Oxygen Measurement Core” service facility that performs in vitro and in vivo service projects in diabetes and cancer in collaboration with industry and academic partners. Prior to starting O2M, Dr. Kotecha was a research faculty in the Bioengineering department at the University of Illinois at Chicago, a staff scientist at the University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany) and the Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel), and an assistant professor of Physics at the Government Model Science College, Jabalpur, India. She holds a Ph.D. in Physics from Jabalpur University, India. Dr. Kotecha is the lead editor of the book “Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Tissue Engineering” (Wiley, 2017) and the task group chair for the ASTM standard F3224-17 “Standard Test Method for Evaluating Growth of Engineered Cartilage Tissue using Magnetic Resonance Imaging”.

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