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SELECTBIO Conferences Stem Cells and Antibodies in Drug Discovery Europe 2018

Alexander Schreiner's Biography

Alexander Schreiner, Team Leader Biological Applications

As Team Leader of the Biological Applications Team at PerkinElmer in Hamburg Germany, Dr. Alexander Schreiner is responsible for developing applications and providing application related support for PerkinElmer’s high content screening systems. He holds a doctorate in Biology (molecular cell biology) from the Goethe University in Frankfurt. During his PhD he worked on the identification and analysis of protein-protein interactions. Following a postdoc period in the lab of Prof. Starzinski-Powitz in Frankfurt where he worked on the analysis of unusual long signal peptides he moved to the UK to work as a postdoc at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Research Institute in the group of Prof. Fiona Watt, investigating the proliferative effect of aberrantly expressed integrins in the interfollicular epidermis. After this he worked in in the Light Microscopy Facility of the same Institute where he provided support and training for the different microscope systems within the facility.

Alexander Schreiner Image