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SELECTBIO Conferences Microfluidics, Liquid Handling and LAB-ON-A-CHIP

Feroz M.H. Musthafa's Biography

Feroz M.H. Musthafa, Technology Manager, Microfluidics and Microfabrication Facility

Dr Feroz M.H. Musthafa is the Facility Incharge for the Microfluidics and Microfabrication facility. He has done his Ph.D. from the National Centre for Biological Sciences - TIFR, Bangalore under Prof. G.V. Shivashankar studying forces in chromatin remodelling in live cells. He did his post-doctoral training at the Mechanobiology Institute, Singapore with Prof. Michael P. Sheetz looking at adhesion of cells to substrates. He is experienced in building experimental setups especially in optical microscopy and in microfabrication using SU8 and PDMS. His current interests are to extend medtech, microfabrication and microfluidics capabilities to the scientific community and to startups.

Feroz M.H. Musthafa Image