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SELECTBIO Conferences Bioengineering for Building Microphysiological Systems 2022

Marian Raschke's Biography

Marian Raschke, Head of Advanced Cellular Models

Dr. Raschke is head of Advanced Cellular Models within Investigational Toxicology at Bayer AG, Pharmaceuticals. He received his doctorate in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Jena, Germany. After working as a postdoctoral fellow for Schering AG, he joined Bayer as a research scientist in Mechanistic and Molecular Toxicology, and later became head of laboratory. His main areas of expertise include complex cellular in vitro models for organ toxicity, including organ-on-chip models, in vitro toxicity testing with focus on hepatotoxicity and mitochondrial toxicity, root cause analyses of safety findings, and safety biomarker analyses. He acts as Toxicology Lead in preclinical oncology programs. Dr. Raschke is member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Lonza, focusing on ADME/TOX aspects.

Marian Raschke Image