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SELECTBIO Conferences Innovations in Microfluidics 2023

Ayokunle Olanrewaju's Biography

Ayokunle Olanrewaju, Assistant Professor, Bioengineering and Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Ayokunle Olanrewaju received BSc and MSc degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. After completing a PhD in Biological and Biomedical Engineering at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, he moved to Seattle for a postdoc in the Mechanical Engineering Department at UW. He started his lab as an Assistant Professor in the Mechanical Engineering and Bioengineering Departments at UW in January 2022. The Olanrewaju lab combines his expertise in autonomous microfluidics and enzyme activity assays to develop technologies for real-time disease monitoring at the point of need, whether in a doctor's office or patient's home.

Ayokunle Olanrewaju Image