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J Michael Koehler's Biography

J Michael Koehler, Head of Department

Dr J. Michael Koehler is the head of the Department of Physical Chemistry and Microreaction Technology at the Technical University of Ilmenau (Germany) since 2001. He studied Chemistry in Halle an der Saale and Jena, where he also habilitated in General and Physical Chemistry (1992). He led a research department at the Institute of High Technologies in Jena between 1991 and 2000. During this time, he also taught at the Universities of Wuppertal and Jena. Professor Koehler inter alias has edited books on microlithography, micro system technology and nanotechnology. His current research interests are focussed on nanotechnology and on application of droplet-based microfluidics in nanoparticle syntheses and bioscreenings.

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