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SELECTBIO Conferences Microfluidics Standards Workshop: De-Risking Microfluidic Product Development

Microfluidics Standards Workshop: De-Risking Microfluidic Product Development Venue

Why Does the Microfluidics Industry Need Standards?

Here are a selection of quotes from leading service providers explaining the value of standards for the microfluidics community, including end users, developers, foundries, and OEM manufacturers:
“At Fluigent, we believe that standardization will boost microfluidics adoption by end users. Guidelines will allow easy integration and testing of complex system built in cooperation. It will speed up development times and reduce risk to the whole benefit of research and life science” - Serge Renouard
“For microfluidic ChipShop, the discussion about standards in microfluidics provides guidance to potential users about opportunities and limitations in the field. It de-risks development and application and indicates a maturing of the technology.” - Holger Becker

“IMT Microtechnologies believes that standardizing aspects of microfluidics will streamline technological and economic challenges currently faced by the community. Standards in microfluidics will promote efficient product development, evaluation, and commercialization. Guidelines specific to this field will also provide testing and validation methods for facilitating technical and commercial cooperation between stakeholders and minimizing risks of developments. This is imperative for a foundry that builds component for the Life Science market.”-Alexios Tzannis

“enablingMNT is involved in microfluidic standardisation work… from our experience in product development and in setting up production, we know how much it helps to guarantee the quality of the product and to shorten the development time, if one can use standards and standard (test) protocols.” - Henne van Heeren
"Here at ALine, the ability to integrate and test engineered microfluidic components with a set of standard, non-destructive tests lowers the risk and cost in the development of multi-functional microfluidic devices. In our experience standardization of design rules and best practices in cartridge architecture and instrument interfaces, speeds development." - Leanna Levine

“As a microfluidics foundry Micronit sees that the creation and adoption of standards also in the microfluidics field is valuable in order to speed up and de-risk development, validation and commercialization of products based on microfluidics technology. We therefore choose to invest in working together with players in the field on standardizing various important aspects, advancing the complete microfluidics community.” - Marko Blom

“For CEA Leti, standardization is key for R&D to speed-up developments. Our mission is to bridge the gap between academics and industry, difficult without standards. Such many great ideas in the labs and such a few numbers of products at the end.” - Nicolas Verplanck