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SELECTBIO Conferences Continuous Flow Chemistry Webinar

Continuous Flow Chemistry Webinar Agenda

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Thursday, 14 October 2021


Intoduction to the Webinar and the Drive towards Flow Chemistry


Charlotte WilesKeynote Presentation

Continuous Flow Chemistry - From an R&D Concept, to Implementation
Charlotte Wiles, Chief Executive Officer, Chemtrix BV, Netherlands

The advantages of changing from batch to flow are widely publicised to include increases in safety, process efficiency & product consistency; however, the reasons for a Company to change are varied, often depending on the sector, process type of interest, scale of operation & location of activities. As a result of this variety in application space & the emerging nature of the technique, close partnering between vendors & end users is needed to ensure correct tool selection & implementation strategy is employed from the outset. A series of case studies will be used to illustrate the way Companies have approached going from the use of continuous flow as a research tool, through to manufacturing using the technique. The presentation will show that a multidisciplinary approach is required to achieve these goals as projects transition from the chemists’ domain to one led by chemical & mechanical engineers.


Non-Pulsating Metering Pumps (Triplex Plunger and Diaphragm)
Haruyuki Morikawa, General Manager, Fuji Techno Industries Co Ltd, Japan

Microreactors are the core in continuous flow processes but the reactor is not the only device needed for a productive process. To maximize yield and product quality, it is essential to have non-pulsating flow of liquid at high accuracy and repeatability. Only non-pulsating flow can realize perfect mixing ratio of various chemicals. Fuji Techno’s triplex plunger metering pump offers non-pulsating flow at the highest accuracy and repeatability (< +/- 0.1%). Fuji Techno also has the unprecedented diaphragm pump with metallic diaphragms generates flow at equivalent accuracy. This pump can handle the vast majority of slurry liquids. The presentation will explain operating principles, performances, applications and the achievements of the pumps. In addition, the presentation includes the dedicated AI software to minimize an instantaneous pulsation.


Live Question & Answer Session and Discussion Moderated by SelectBIO

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