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SELECTBIO Conferences Space Tango Virtual Summit 2022

Space Tango Virtual Summit 2022 Agenda

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Tuesday, 8 March 2022


Danielle RosalesConference Chair

Chairperson's Opening Remarks
Danielle Rosales, Corporate Relations Manager, Space Tango, United States of America


Camille AlleyneKeynote Presentation

Transitioning to Commercial LEO
Camille Alleyne, Deputy Program Manager, Commercial LEO Development, NASA Johnson Space Center, United States of America

Moderator: Cynthia Martin-Brennan, Board Member Space Tango


Mid-Morning Break


Thinking Ahead to Look Above: Establishing a Future for Commercial Activity in LEO
Robyn Gatens, Director of the International Space Station, NASA Headquartners, United States of America
Meghan Allen, Vice President, Government Relations, Sierra Space Corporation, United States of America

Moderator Mary Guenther, Director of Space Policy, Commercial Spaceflight Federation


How to Take Feedback Personally
Kursten O'Neill, Vice President, Dream Chaser Crew, Sierra Space, United States of America

Moderator Amy Thompson, Science Writer, ISS National Lab


Investigation Highlight: Manufacturing Artificial Retinas in Microgravity. Dr. Nicole Wagner, LambdaVision CEO and Principal Investigator. Moderator: Jennifer Read, Space Tango Director Portfolio Management
Nicole Wagner, President and CEO, LambdaVision Incorporated, United States of America

Moderator Jennifer Read, Director, Portfolio Management, LambdaVision


Mid-Afternoon Break


Investigation Highlight - Enabling Organ-on-a-Chip Research On-board the ISS
Stefanie Countryman, Director, BioServe Space Technologies, United States of America

Moderator Christine Kretz, Vice President, Programs and Partnerships, ISS US National Laboratory


The U.S. Space Economy, 2012-2019
Tina Highfill, Senior Research Economist, US Bureau of Economic Analysis, United States of America

Moderator Danielle Rosales, Corporate Relations Manager, Space Tango


Sirisha BandlaKeynote Presentation

Changing the Way We Access Space
Sirisha Bandla, Vice President, Government Affairs and Research Operations, Virgin Galactic, United States of America


Closing Remarks by Conference Chairperson, Danielle Rosales


Close of Programming on Day 1 of the Virtual Event

Wednesday, 9 March 2022


Chairperson's Opening Remarks. Danielle Rosales, Space Tango


Jeanne LoringKeynote Presentation

Stem Cells on Earth and In Space
Jeanne Loring, Director/Professor, The Scripps Research Institute, United States of America


Investigation Highlight: Muscle Lab-on-chip Payloads for Drug Discovery and Development
Siobhan Malany, Associate Professor, University of Florida and Founder, Micro-gRx, United States of America

Moderator Shelby Giza, Director, Science, Space Tango


Patti Grace Smith Fellowship - How fellowships are making an impact on the future workforce
Khristian Jones, Co-Founder, Patti Grace Smith Fellowship, United States of America




Developing Commercial Markets in Space - Understanding User Journeys and Effective Storytelling Strategies
Danielle Rosales, Corporate Relations Manager, Space Tango, United States of America

  • Tere Riley, Sr. Manager, Brand Strategy, Redwire Space
  • Izzy House, Author
  • Moderator Katherine Nelson, Communications Manager, Commercial Spaceflight Federation


Michelle LucasKeynote Presentation

Space Inspires!
Michelle Lucas, Founder & CEO, Higher Orbits, United States of America


Space Inspires! Panel Discussion
Naia Butler-Craig, Aerospace Engineering Ph.D. Student, Georgia Tech, United States of America

  • Loria Waters, Vice President for Learning Experiences,
  • Samantha Thorstensen, Education Program Director, ISS US National Laboratory
  • Moderator Michelle Lucas, CEO and Founder, Higher Orbits


Closing Remarks by Conference Chairperson, Danielle Rosales


Close of Day 2; End of Summit

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