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Molecular Diagnostics World Congress Agenda

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Tuesday, 25 September 2012



Next-Generation Sequencing: Its Impact on MDx


Norman NelsonKeynote Presentation

Strategic Considerations for Applying Next Generation Sequencing in Routine Clinical Diagnostics
Norman Nelson, Senior Consultant, NCN Enterprises, United States of America

The rate of advancement of next generation sequencing technology has been breathtaking. However, adoption in clinical diagnostics has been slow. This talk will describe challenges to adoption and strategies to overcome these challenges.


Development of a Quantitative Multiplex Assay to Detect ALK Fusion Transcript in Lung Cancer
Mao Mao, Research Fellow, Pfizer Global Research and Development, United States of America

We developed a single multiplex assay for ALK fusion detection by simultaneously interrogating for presence of ALK fusion transcripts and ALK over-expression. The assay is highly sensitive, specific, easy to perform, and suitable for screening large numbers of tumor samples.


Coffee and Networking in Exhibition Hall

Companion Diagnostics


Till BachmannKeynote Presentation

Is Personalized Medicine a Solution for the Antibiotic Crisis?
Till Bachmann, Reader, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Antibiotic resistance is a worldwide threat to patients and healthcare systems. The presentation will discuss needs and solutions for advanced molecular diagnostics of infectious diseases enabling stratified approaches to antibacterial treatment.


Lunch and Networking in Exhibition Hall


Poster Viewing Session

Emerging Classes of Biomarkers for MDx


Qualitative and Quantitative Market Analysis of Various Classes of Biomarkers and Their Potential Utility
Enal Razvi, Managing Director, Select Biosciences Inc, United States of America

This presentation provides a snapshot of Select Biosciences’ continuing industry coverage of the broader biomarkers space focusing upon various classes of biomarkers, their penetrance in research as well as utility for patient stratification and companion diagnostics.  Qualitative and quantitative trends are presented and emerging market opportunities in various spaces are framed.

Emerging Technologies in MDx


Magnetic Beads as Solid Support for On-chip Diagnostics
Nicole Pamme, Professor in Analytical Chemistry, Stockholm University, Sweden

Batch as well as continuous flow assays based on magnetic particles as solid support are shown within microfluidic lab-on-a-chip devices.


Coffee and Networking in Exhibition Hall


Molecular Detection with Plasmonic Structures
Steve Blair, Professor, University of Utah, United States of America

Arrays of plasmonic structures can provide increased signal-to-background ratio in fluorescence detection and may serve as a key enabling factor in the next generation of single-molecule diagnostic tools.


The Microfluidic Toolbox – A Solution for the Rapid Development of Molecular Diagnostic assays in Microfluidic Chips
Holger Becker, Chief Scientific Officer, Microfluidic ChipShop GmbH, Germany

Microfluidics is a key enabling technology for next-generation molecular diagnostic kits. We present a toolbox which enables the rapid development of such complex microfluidic assays.


Hot Start dNTPs for Nucleic Acid Amplification and Detection
Natasha Paul, Senior Scientific Investigator, TriLink BioTechnologies, United States of America

Hot Start dNTPs provide a specific, sensitive, and flexible alternative to Hot Start activation in PCR. This presentation will provide an update on the latest technology advancements, including the benefits of Hot Start dNTPs in nucleic acid detection assays.


Modularity in the Design and Manufacture of Microfluidic Devices
Leanna Levine, Founder & CEO, ALine, Inc., United States of America

Modular Designs of microfluidic devices that incorporate components manufactured using different processes combine to produce disposable Lab-on-a-Chip devices that meet performance and cost targets. A case study will be presented that demonstrates this approach for a molecular diagnostic product.


Drinks receptions

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

MDx for Infectious Diseases


Lawrence WanghKeynote Presentation

Highly Informative Single-tube Assays for Detection and Analysis of Infectious Diseases
Lawrence Wangh, Professor, Brandeis University, United States of America

New advances in molecular diagnostic technologies make it possible to generate a great deal of information from a single close-tube reaction. I will discuss a highly synergistic suite of technologies developed in my laboratory, including: LATE-PCR, PrimeSafe™, and Thermalight™ probes.


UNYVERO – A New Integrated Diagnostics Platform for Pathogen and Resistance Identification
Jan Weile, Project Leader, Institute for Laboratory and Transfusion Medicine at the Heart and Diabetes Centre, Germany

Results comparison of UNYVERO, a novel diagnostic platform technology for pathogen and antibiotic resistance testing, combining DNA extraction, multiplex amplification, and detection on microarray with conventional microbiology and PCR methods. 


Automated Sequencing Analysis Tool for Infectious Disease Diagnostics
Robert Yamamoto, Founder, Zova Systems, United States of America

The RAPID-MG sequencing analysis tool to quickly, automatically identify microbial species from Next Gen Sequencing data as well as infectious disease diagnostic workflows including microbial DNA enrichment techniques will be presented.


Coffee and Networking in Exhibition Hall


Isobella HoneyborneKeynote Presentation

Move Aside Culture!  Rapid Molecular-based Quantification of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in Sputum Takes Less Than a Day
Isobella Honeyborne, Senior Research Associate, University College London, United Kingdom

Quantification of bacterial load in sputum samples from individuals with active tuberculosis is traditionally measured using solid agar.  M. tuberculosis is very slow growing in culture, taking 3 weeks to produce visible colonies.  RT-qPCR methods have not previously been used to quantify bacteria in sputum samples due to inhibitors and variability in RNA extraction.  We describe an RNA-based assay which overcomes these problems.

Oncology Biomarkers


Turning Biomarkers into Diagnostics
Jake Strzelecki, Director, Business Development, Biodesix, United Kingdom

With improvements in genomic and proteomic technologies over the past decade, thousands of biomarkers have been discovered. Scarcely any of these however, experience even modest clinical use.  We will examine just what it takes to go from biomarker to successfully adopted clinical diagnostic test.


PrimeraDxTechnology Spotlight:
Quantitative, Multimodal, Multiplex Molecular Platform for Companion Diagnostic Development
Lilly Kong, Chief Scientific Officer, PrimeraDx

A tailored therapeutic approach and personalized medicine has become the norm rather the future of medicine, and pharmaceutical companies need a platform that can 1) perform multimodal complex assays, 2) perform quantitative assays, and 3) perform multiplex assays. High Multiplex, Multimodal qPCR is the next generation of Molecular Diagnostics. The ICEPlex System fulfills all three specifications for a platform that can be used for Companion Diagnostics.


Lunch and Networking in Exhibition Hall


Poster Viewing Session


Novel Approach for the Identification of New Biomarkers for Companion Diagnostics Tests
Elena Schwartz, CSO, Ariadne Diagnostics LLC, United States of America

A tissue-based in-vitro diagnostic test for metastatic colorectal cancer that can predict patient responses to drugs targeting EGFR is developing by Ariadne Diagnostics. Such a test will provide a cost-effective change of current clinical practice for metastatic colorectal cancer treatment; increasing accuracy, use and affordability.


Mass Spectrometry Based Metabolomics towards Pancreatic Cancer diagnostic test development.
Vladimir Tolstikov, Core Director, UC Davis Genome Center, United States of America

Prospective cohort study has been performed utilizing Mass Spectrometry Based Metabolomics platform. Potential metabolic biomarkers were suggested. Pathway Analysis reveals impacted metabolic pathways and suggests new companion diagnostic targets.


Coffee and Networking in Exhibition Hall


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