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SELECTBIO Conferences Point-of-Care, Biosensors and Rapid Diagnostics Europe 2023

Point-of-Care, Biosensors and Rapid Diagnostics Europe 2023 Agenda

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Monday, 19 June 2023


Claudia GärtnerConference Chair

Title to be Confirmed.
Claudia Gärtner, CEO, microfluidic ChipShop GmbH, Germany


Peter ErtlKeynote Presentation

Title to be Confirmed.
Peter Ertl, Professor of Lab-on-a-Chip Systems, Vienna University of Technology, Austria


Martyn BoutelleKeynote Presentation

Title to be Confirmed.
Martyn Boutelle, Professor of Biomedical Sensors Engineering, Imperial College London, United Kingdom


Menno PrinsKeynote Presentation

Real-Time Continuous Biosensing Based on Single-Molecule Sensors
Menno Prins, Professor, Eindhoven University of Technology & Helia BioMonitoring, Netherlands

Single-molecule sensors collect statistics of single-molecule interactions in order to determine concentrations of analyte molecules. Single-molecule assays are generally end-point assays and are not designed for continuous biosensing. For real-time continuous biosensing, the single-molecule sensor needs to be reversible and should continuously report output signals with a well-defined time delay and precision. Here we describe a signal processing architecture and apply it to a sensor based on 10,000 individual particles that are tracked as a function of time. The continuous analysis includes particle identification, particle tracking, drift correction, and detection of timepoints where individual particles switch between bound and unbound states, yielding state transition statistics that relate to the analyte concentration in solution. We show the feasibility of real-time sensing and study how the precision and time delay of biomarker monitoring depend on the number of analyzed particles and on the size of the measurement time blocks. Finally, we discuss how the signal processing architecture can be applied to develop various single-molecule methods into continuous sensors.


Mark BradleyKeynote Presentation

Title to be Confirmed.
Mark Bradley, Professor, Schools of Chemistry and Medicine, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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