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SELECTBIO Conferences Emerging Role of Next Generation Sequencing in Clinical Genomics

Emerging Role of Next Generation Sequencing in Clinical Genomics Agenda

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Wednesday, 1 November 2017






Welcome and Introduction to SELECTBIO
Sanjay Bajaj, Managing Director, Select Biosciences India Pvt Ltd, India


B R DasConference Chair

Inaugural Address-Chairperson
B R Das, Advisor & Mentor- R&D, CoE, Molecular Pathology, SRL Limited, India


Speakers' Introduction & Memento Presentation

Session I: Oncology


Translating Cancer Genomics to Medicine
Amit Dutt, Principal Investigator, Scientist F, Tata Memorial Centre, India

In his presentation speaker will discuss about transformation which took place in the field of cancer diagnostics with the advent of Next Generation Sequening. 


Precision Medicine - Has it Impacted Indian Patients Outcome?
Kumar Prabhash, Professor, Tata Memorial Hospital, India

In this presentation speaker will discuss about methodologies developed for targeted cancer therapies with the help of NGS.


Profiling in Oncology using Solid Tumor Testing and Liquid Biopsy
Urvashi Bahadur, Vice President-Clinical Diagnostics & Sr. Director-Medical Genetics & Genomics, Strand Life Sciences, India

Role and advantage of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for tumor profiling through liquid Biopsies for greater sensitivity over any other conventional sequencing methods will be highlight of this presentation.


Coffee Break and Networking Session(Group Photo)


Molecular Spectrum of BRCA Gene Mutation in Indian Scenario
Firoz Ahmad, Research Scientist and Senior Manager-R&D, SRL Diagnostics, India

This presentation highlights how Next generation sequencing (NGS) based testing increase the sensitivity of mutation detection, and help in identifying patients with high risk of developing cancer?


Identification of Non-canonical (India-specific) Genetic Alterations in Colorectal Cancer using Next Generation Sequencing
Murali Bashyam, Head, Molecular Oncology Lab, Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics, India


Panel Discussion: NGS in Oncology - A Promising yet Challenging Technology

Moderator - Kumar Prabhash

Panelists - BR Das, Amit Dutt, Murali Dharan Bashyam, Urvashi Bhahadur 


Lunch Break and Networking Session

Session 2-Genetic Disorders & Reproductive Medicine


Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)
Janneke Weiss, Head NGS Facility, VU University Medical Center, Netherlands

In this presentation the speaker intends to give a comprehensive overview about NIPT analysis, related bioinformatics tools developed and role of NGS for diagnosis.


Biomarker Discovery via NGS-based Transcriptomics: A Case Study
Kshitish Acharya, Faculty Scientist, Institute of Bioinformatics & Applied Biotechnology, India

This talk will laid emphasis on NGS and parallel bio-ITapproaches as well their potential to generate more data to identify key transcripts associated with genetic diseases.


Applications of NGS in Inherited Ocular Diseases
Subhabrata Chakrabarti, Associate Director, Research, L V Prasad Eye Institute, India

This presentation provides some novel molecular mechanisms in glaucoma (a leading cause of irreversible blindness)discovered using NGS techniques in an attempt towards translational research from bench to bedside to community


Panel Discussion: Exploring New Genetic Etiologies through NGS

Moderator - Sucheta Bhatt

Panelists - Janneke Weiss, Kshitish Acharya, Subhabrata Chakrabarti, Pramila Tata


Coffee Break and Networking Session

Session 3-NGS Technical session


NGS and Metagenomics: QC and Other Analysis Considerations
Pramila Tata, Deputy Research Director, Syngene , India


Expanding the Frontiers of Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing
Sucheta Bhatt, Director of Genetics, Illumina Inc., United States of America

The presentation will give an insight into, methodology, clinical indications, test performances, and clinical utility aspects of the expanded NIPT platforms.


High Sensitivity Variant Detection with SureSelectXT HS Library Prep optimized for FFPE
Anuj Gupta, Senior Scientist, Agilent Technologies, India


Closing Ceremony

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