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SELECTBIO Conferences 3D-Printing and Biofabrication 2020


Next-Generation Bioprinting For Manufacturing Tissue-Engineered Products

Fabien Guillemot, Chief Executive Officer, Poietis

Main challenges for the manufacturing of tissue engineered advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) relate to the standardisation of manufacturing processes and the improvement of tissue functionality, and cost-effectiveness and profitability of related treatments. Producing advanced therapy medicinal products remains a cumbersome process with costs, reproducibility and scalability issues.

Poietis develops biomanufacturing solutions based on Next Generation Bioprinting (NGB). This new platform integrates automation and robotics technologies, and is coupled with numerous online sensors – including cell microscopy – and Artificial Intelligence processing. In addition, it integrates all bioprinting techniques (laser-assisted bioprinting, bioextrusion, micro-valve bioprinting), a world’s first in the bioprinting market.
Based on our experience on bioprinting full-thickness skin equivalents, we will discuss how next-gen bioprinting technology – should make it possible to overcome current tissue manufacturing bottlenecks and also provide new therapeutic opportunities.

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