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SELECTBIO Conferences Antibody Drug Conjugates


Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow of Antibody

manjula das, , Mazumdar Shaw Medical Foundation

Monoclonal antibodies have emerged as one of the most valuable reagents in biology research and a leading class of therapeutic interventions in the last two decades. A number of inventions and improvements including the hybridoma technique and recombinant DNA technology have been instrumental behind the development of recombinant antibodies that have made the commercial production viable. Antibody engineering efforts have resulted in many newer formats like Fab and scFv fragments, Fc-fusion proteins and bispecific antibodies leading to T-cell engagers and antibody drug conjugates marrying small molecules to antibodies. Since most of the talks in this conference already cover ADC, this talk explores the engineered antibody landscape, beginning with a historical perspective of technology development, leading to reagent and therapeutic antibodies in current practice, and finally providing a perspective on the future of antibody development. 

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