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SELECTBIO Conferences Antibodies in Drug Discovery


BiXAb(R) is a Versatile Modular Platform for the Development of Bispecific Antibodies

Eugene Zhukovsky, Chief Scientific Officer, Biomunex Pharmaceuticals

Biomunex has developed a modular bispecific tetravalent antibody format, termed BiXAb®. The BiXAb® enables turnkey formatting from any pair of monospecific mAbs. These bispecific antibodies possess excellent manufacturability and superior drug-like properties, including low propensity for aggregation, high thermal stability in human serum, excellent pharmacokinetic properties etc. Unlike several other bispecific formats, the BiXAb® display excellent binding to both antigens. In vivo, the BiXAb® demonstrated synergistic activity compared to the combination of two parental monospecific mAbs. Several BiXAb® are rapidly advanced through the pre-clinical pipeline.

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