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SELECTBIO Conferences Antibodies in Drug Discovery


Enabling Cancer Immunotherapy, From Target to Phenotype

Andrew Green, Senior Drug Discovery Specialist, Discoverx

As we begin to better understand the complex interactions between the host immune system and human tumors, it has proven difficult to design tools that easily and rapidly identify compounds capable of modulating the immune system in the context of a tumor microenvironment. DiscoverX has developed a comprehensive portfolio of products and services that enable fast, effective and clinically relevant understanding of immuno-oncology targets, pathways and mechanisms. We will highlight innovative microtiter plate based assays to interrogate immune checkpoint receptors, introduce KILR™ – a versatile and highly specific new platform to study target cell death, and present case studies exemplifying the utility of the BioMAP® phenotypic profiling platform for evaluating the safety and efficacy of compounds and combinations in translational models of the human tumor microenvironment.

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