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SELECTBIO Conferences AgriGenomics India 2017


Development and Validation of 50K Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) arrays (Axiom®CicerSNP Array) for accelerating Genetics and Breeding in Chickpea

Manish Roorkiwal, Scientist , ICRISAT

Deployment of marker data for breeding application requires cost and time–effective genotyping platform. In the case of chickpea, 70,463 high quality non redundant SNPs were selected for developing a high-throughput SNP genotyping platform. Further, a set of 61,174 SNPs was selected based on p-convert score = 0.3, of which 50,590 SNPs could be tiled on Axiom®CicerSNP array. Among the selected SNPs, 11,245 SNPs (22.23%) were found spanning across the coding regions of 3,673 different genes. On an average 6,323 SNPs/LG (Average distance of 6.86 Kb) were selected, with CaLG04 accounting for maximum (16,772 SNPs; 33.15%) and CaLG08 for minimum (1888 SNPs; 3.73%). The developed Axiom®CicerSNP array was used for genotyping two intra-specific chickpea recombinant inbred line viz. ICCRIL03 (ICC 4958 × ICC 1882) and ICCRIL04 (ICC 283 × ICC 8261). High success and polymorphic rate was observed on analyzing the genotyping data, resulting 15,140 (29.93%; ICCRIL03) and 20,018 (39.57%; ICCRIL04) polymorphic SNPs. High-density genetic maps comprising 13,679 SNPs spanning 1033.67 cM and 7,769 SNPs spanning 1076.35 cM were developed and QTLs were identified. Higher precision and high-throughput genotyping of this array is expected to accelerate both genetic studies and molecular breeding applications in chickpea.

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