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SELECTBIO Conferences Innovations in API Manufacture 2022


Exploiting Continuous Photochemistry for the Effective Generation of Drug-like Scaffolds

Marcus Baumann, Assistant Professor, School of Chemistry, University College Dublin

This talk will showcase recent work from our group where the use of flow photochemistry enabled greener and more effective entries towards drug-like structures. Direct excitation and photocatalytic methods are explored to afford a variety of products in short time and high yield. The flow approach was additionally used for the discovery of a new cascade process as well as the verification of its mechanism by the selective generation and characterization of late-stage intermediates.

Add to Calendar ▼2022-03-17 00:00:002022-03-18 00:00:00Europe/LondonInnovations in API Manufacture 2022Innovations in API Manufacture 2022 in