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SELECTBIO Conferences Advances in qPCR & dPCR


Integrating Genetic Analysis Through Multiple Platforms on the Cloud

Peter Norster, Regional Market Development Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

The way in which scientists and researchers collaborate in the modern era is always changing. Being able to collaborate in real-time with scientists from across the world is necessary to ensure project deadlines are met, and costs kept down. There is a need for powerful cloud computing platforms that connect scientists, instruments, and software in a collaborative, multi-disciplinary environment which is reliable, and secure. As the amount of scientific data available to researchers continues to grow exponentially, it becomes more challenging to manage, analyze, and share the data to observe patterns, validate findings, and develop insights. Also, storing multiple large data files on local computers is often difficult and risky. Furthermore, having access to real-time PCR instruments that are fully cloud-enabled can deliver even greater ease to collaborate and share information instantly. The Thermo Fisher Cloud offers one secure place to analyze, store, and share data. Applied Biosystems® Analysis Software Modules, our featured set of applications, work with your genomics platform to combine hundreds of qPCR and sequencing experiments into a project, and quickly analyze the data. Scientists can now store their results in the Thermo Fisher Cloud data storage space for easy sharing and collaboration—even very large data files.

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