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SELECTBIO Conferences Advances in qPCR & dPCR


Landmark of Real Time PCR in Differential Expression Analysis of Genes in Some Crop Plants

Dev Pandey, Associate Professor, Birla Institute of Technology

Crop plants are very much sensitive to the varying environmental conditions. Various genes are differentialy expressed to cope up with the varying conditions by involving multiple regulatory meachenisms. Real Time PCR based differential gene expression analysis was performed in crop plants like rice, peanut and maize. Moreover, expression pattern of some transcription factors/regulators in rice during abiotic stresses were also studied. Using publically available microarray database differentially expressed genes (DEGs) were used to find the consensus motif GCC box in the promoters of up-regulated-DEGs and TCC box in the down regulated-DEGs in anoxic rice coleoptile by in silico approach. Validation study of these promoter motif through Molecular Beacon probes (MBP) based Real Time PCR was also performed. Furthermore, to dissect the molecular basis of regulation during stresss condition, in silico interaction between promoter motif (DNA) and Transcription factor (protein) was studied. Obtained detailed findings will be presented.

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