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SELECTBIO Conferences Bioprinting & 3D Printing in the Life Sciences


Biomimicking Extracellular Matrix using Keratin Hydroxylated based Polymers for Development of in-vitro Tissue Model

Giovanni Vozzi, Associate Professor, University of Pisa

A biological tissue is a composite material with “bottom-up” hierarchical structure that is closely related to its heterogeneous function. The extracellular matrix modulates biochemical and biophysical signalling, and its rigidity is an important microenvironmental parameter that regulates the spatiotemporal dynamics of intercellular signalling. For this reason, many studies are focused on fabricating scaffolds processed at multiple scales with structural and mechanical properties that are optimal for eliciting specific response or mimic those found naturally. These scaffolds have to present large surface areas that have appropriate topology and biochemical cues (e.g, ligands) at the nanoscale for tissue adhesion, while also exhibiting integral porosity to allow for the exchange of molecules that maintain cellular function. In this talk, it will present the combination of a novel hydrogel material composed of gelatin and of a recycled natural material, hydroxylated keratin extracted by chicken feathers, and the use of a multiscale process (electrospinning system and PAM2 system) is able to reproduce a multi-scale and multimaterial scaffold useful for the development of novel in vitro models for the study of physio-pathological condition and for the analysis of effects on cell activities of different biomolecule and/or drugs.

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