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SELECTBIO Conferences Clinical Applications of Stem Cells


Live Cell Flourescent Imaging Probe Development for Stem Cell Research

Young-Tae Chang, Associate Professor, National University of Singapore

The conventional bioprobe design has been carried out by so-called hypothesis-driven approach. The basic assumption of hypothesis-driven approach is that the scientist “knows the target” in advance, and then design the recognition motif for it. An alternative approach is diversity-driven approach, in which a broad range of fluorescence molecules in a library format are constructed by combinatorial chemistry, as a tool box for unbiased screening. Among several diversity sources, “Diversity Oriented Fluorescence Library Approach (DOFLA)” using fluorophore core with diverse recognition motives around has been the most fruitful in novel bioprobe generations. Using DOFLA, various colorful bioimaing probes based on BODIPY structure from embryonic stem cells to neuronal stem cells will be demonstrated.

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