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SELECTBIO Conferences Drug Discovery India 2016


Synthesis, Characterization, DNA binding, Anti-Bacterial activity and DFT Calculation of [Ru(Phen)2OHA] and [Co(Phen)2OHA]ClO4 Complexes

Fahmida Khan, Professor, NIT Raipur

Interaction of DNA metal complexes have been investigating broadly, over the past decades as a DNA structure probes, cleaving agents and potential anticancer drugs. DNA is a key cellular receptor. Metal ion and their complexes plays a key role in the life science processes. Identification the binding of metal complexes to DNA is the fundamental importance and thus, potentially suitable to evolving new enhanced and potent antitumor drugs that can recognize a specific site or conformation of DNA. Binding affinity and modes of binding are the two factor that determine the efficiency of drugs. Metal ion and also the donor atoms of ligands are responsible for the biological activity. Many ruthenium compound have been advised as potential anti-cancer agents and representing significant anticancer activity and exhibiting lower general toxicity than platinum compounds. Thus, ruthenium complexes are observed as capable alternatives to platinum compounds.Cobalt compounds have grown significance because of their uses as effective hypoxia-activated pro-drug. Many Co (III) compounds have been explored as DNA binders, they bond by intercalation and are efficient photo-nucleases. In the current work a new Ru (II) complex of mixed ligands, 1, 10-phenanthroline (phen) and oxalohydroxamic acid (OHA) were synthesized and characterized by NMR, IR, UV-visible, mass spectrometer, and elemental analysis. The oxalohydroxamic acid (OHA), -NR-OH group (here R = H), perform to be responsive to bio-transformation like reduction, oxidation, hydrolysis and conjugation with inorganic and organic molecules. N-OH having substances and N, O coordinated transition metal complexes were possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, further described to be efficient, anti-diabetic, antifungal, anti-bacterial, anti-cancer etc. drugs. 1, 10-phenanthroline plays an important role to the development of coordination chemistry, it is a classic chelating bidentate ligand for transition metal ions. In the complexes, [Ru(phen)2OHA] metal ion is coordinated by six nitrogen atoms, two nitrogen atoms from oxalohydroxamic acid and four nitrogen atoms from 1, 10-phenanthroline ligand to form octahedral Ru (II) complex. The binding of the complex with CT-DNA has been investigated by electronic absorption and emission spectroscopy. The effect and activity against gram positive and gram negative bacterial was investigated. And DFT calculation was also perform by Gaussian 09 (G09) software.

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