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SELECTBIO Conferences Drug Discovery India 2016


Advanced Flow Cytometry Solutions and Particle Counting & Characterization in Addressing Your Essential Research Needs

Amitav Mohanty, Manager Market Development, Beckman Coulter

Flow cytometry is a highly acclaimed technology in unrevealing the underlying biological process within a single cell with multi-parametric approach and high-throughput capability. Recent advancements of the flow cytometry technology could able to address some of the major challenges in traditional flow cytometry viz. speed and sensitivity. Latest generation flow cytometer like CytoFLEX has demonstrated the speed to acquire millions of cells in samples with rare population, and sensitivity to resolve even the dim population from the background with best possible separation; that too packed in a compact and potable cabinet. Two major components of the CytoFLEX works in tandem to result in the best possible sensitivity. First is the latest generation emission light collection system and second is the advanced photo-detectors. Thus results in impressive data sets in nano-particle studies detecting <200nm particle size using violet laser side scatter, and best possible sensitivity resolving dim population from the background. The latest generation system carries a great promise in quality and affordable flow cytometry with highest possible efficiency. Particle Characterization uses the Coulter Principle (electrical sensing zonemethod), enhanced laser diffraction, polarization intensity differential scattering, photon correlation spectroscopy (PCS), electrophoretic light scattering, automated trypan blue cell viability assay, light obscuration liquid particle counter and clean room monitoring by air particle counter, providing answers and solutions for those involved in the testing and measurement of the physical properties of particles and cells. Besides offering a blend of innovative instruments, Beckman Coulter is dedicated to providing researchers, scientists and engineers in numerous industries with valuable information.

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