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SELECTBIO Conferences Extracellular Vesicles (EVs): Technologies & Biological Investigations


The ExoView R200 Platform for Single EV and Virus Phenotyping and Sizing

Clayton Deighan, North American Sales and Applications Manager, NanoFCM

NanoView recently launched the ExoView R200, our latest analytical platform for purification-free analysis of extracellular vesicles and viruses. ExoView works by affinity capturing exosomes onto a protein microarray (ExoView chip) via common or custom exosomal markers. Once bound to the surface of the ExoView chip each individual exosome can be sized, counted and characterized in terms of protein expression. The latest R200 platform adds an additional fluorescent channel and EVs can now imaged in 4 fluorescent channels (blue, green, red and far-red) meaning that individual exosomes can be phenotyped by up to 5 surface or cargo proteins (4 fluorescent and 1 capture antibody) with single-molecule sensitivities. To complement the new platform, NanoView will also be discussing existing and new assays designed to enable EV and virus research. Standard assays as designed to measure common EV markers from cell culture or plasma samples (with or without purification) and can be extended to detect EV cargo which will be demonstrated. These assays have been optimized to promote biomarker colocalization on even the smallest EVs and have been extended to include fully user customizable assays that allow customers to capture and detect EVs via any custom protein of their choice. We will review newly developed assays for detecting lenti-viruses and their capsids.

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