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SELECTBIO Conferences Extracellular Vesicles 2022: Biology, Disease & Medicine


Paving the Way to Automation and Standardization for Scalable Isolation of EVs

Jared Lynch, Director of Business Development, IZON Science

As the potential for EV-based diagnostics and therapeutics continues to grow, so too does the need for scalable isolation and precise characterization. In this presentation, I will present how technologies and services offered by Izon Science fill this gap. I will introduce Izon’s newly released Gen 2 qEV SEC isolation product line as well as our recent work on scaling up EV isolation and purification using larger sized qEV columns with automated flow systems. Finally, you will be taken through an overview of Izon platforms and offerings, to gain a clear understanding of how Izon technologies can fit into a larger workflow.

Add to Calendar ▼2022-09-13 00:00:002022-09-14 00:00:00Europe/LondonExtracellular Vesicles 2022: Biology, Disease and MedicineExtracellular Vesicles 2022: Biology, Disease and Medicine in