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SELECTBIO Conferences Flow Chemistry European Summit 2024


Dilase 3D: Combining Very High Resolution and Large Size Fabrication Capability

Pierre Blanchet, R&D Equipment Manager, Kloé

Over the last 15 years, Kloé company developed a complete range of equipment dedicated to UV lithography applications, in perfect agreement with the microfabrication requirements in Microfluidics. Thus, Kloé company did the bet, in the early 2000, that the development of researches and industry in Microfluidics would rapidly grow. So that, over the same time, Kloé company continuously followed and exchanged with the Microfluidics community to first well understand and then anticipate its needs in terms of microfabrication techniques and performance, in order to enable fabricating from simple to more demanding microfluidic chips like Lab on a Chip / Organ on a Chip. Among a very large range of 12 different machines, covering from soft lithography / masking systems to very high resolution direct laser writers particularly suitable for fast prototyping, high aspect ratio as well as thick layers laser processing, Kloe introduces one of its latest innovations that is Dilase3D : a 3D-Printer specifically developed to meet the expectations for 3D-printing in Microfluidics. Typically elaborated from the specifications of researches in Microfluidics and Medical Sciences, that were looking for one tool enabling to both fabricate large volume pieces, but still with very high-resolution patterning capabilities, this equipment also demonstrated more recently its capability to combine different materials for the fabrication of one piece/object, that multiplies its capabilities to fabricate very demanding and ever more complex microchips/microstructures. This way, we ensure our partners to benefit from the one of the most performing and cost-effective 3D-printing solutions in that domain, in agreement with their expected level of performance and their available budget.

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