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SELECTBIO Conferences Flow Chemistry European Summit 2024


Advances in Continuous Flow: Reactor Technology, Pump Capabilities and Solid-Phase Synthesis

Manuel Nuño, Research Scientist, Vapourtec Ltd.

Continuous stirred tank reactors (CSTR) offer an alternative to plug flow reactors when used in series as a cascade of reactors. CSTRs are well suited for biphasic reactions and processes involving solids, such as heterogeneous catalysis or the formation of insoluble intermediates. Reaction products can be separated from starting materials and residence time distributions can be well controlled. In this presentation, Manuel will discuss the different approaches to reaction optimisation when using CSTR or tubular reactors for a biphasic reaction as well as a Suzuki coupling. Vapourtec recently launched the SF-10+, a heated peristaltic pump, designed to heat and pump fluids up to 80 Degrees C. By working at these temperatures, we can deal with reagents that are solid at room temperature but liquid at higher temperatures, supersaturated solutions and even high viscosity fluids, otherwise impossible to handle. Fast flow peptide synthesis (FF-SPPS) and their applications in both lab and pilot scale. By working in single-pass continuous flow and controlling the packing density, peptide synthesis can be scaled more efficiently than batch processes while accessing valuable real-time data, such as UV spectra. When combining both UV spectral data and resin volume change, the precise moment of aggregation of peptides can be identified in the sequence. By way of example, Manuel will show the optimization of GLP-1 analogues at 50 µmol scale and the direct scale-up with a 300X factor, with identical purity.

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