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SELECTBIO Conferences International Bioprinting Congress


RGD-modified M13 phage-based 3D scaffolds fabricated using a bioprinting process

Jaeyoon Lee, Student, Sungkyunkwan University

One of the challenges in tissue engineering for designing various scaffolds is to mimic the extracellular matrix (ECM) of natural tissue. To mimic the ECM, biochemical and topographical factors should be considered to design scaffolds. However, it is difficult to obtain the biomaterials to satisfy the requiring factors completely. In this study, we firstly suggest RGD-modified M13 bacteriophage-based 3D scaffold, which is bioprinted, to promote various cellular activities including cell attachment, proliferation, and even osteogenic differentiation using osteoblast-like-cell (MG63). To achieve the functional scaffolds, the phage was coupled to alginate using carbodiimide chemistry to stably attain nanoscale-surface morphology and improved biochemical characteristics as compared to various conventional scaffolds. The results show that physical properties and in vitro cellular activities of the phage-coupled alginate scaffolds were significantly improved.

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