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SELECTBIO Conferences International Bioprinting Congress


3D Bioprinting: Next Decade

Vladimir Mironov, Visiting Professor, Renato Archer Center for Information Technology

3D bioprinting or rapidly emerging biomedical application of additive manufacturing is a new direction in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. The expected advances during next decade include: i) significant improvement of computer-aided design softwares for designing digital model of printable organs or organ blueprints; ii) development of next generation of more advanced 3D bioprinters using acoustic, electric and magnetic forces and laser technologies; iii) development of automated and robotic organ biofabrication line; iv) development of novel in situ bioprinting technologies. The already started creation of national 3D bioprinting centers of excellence will ensure and enable desirable speed of progress in the advancing of 3D bioprinting technology. It is reasonable to expect that during next decade bioprinting of 3D human organs will be successfully accomplished.

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