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How to Print a Human Organ

Vladimir Mironov, Visiting Professor, Renato Archer Center for Information Technology

Organ printing is a biomedical variant of additive manufacturing technology. Organ printing could defined as a computer aided robotic additive biofabrication of functional three-dimensional human organ constructs according to digital model (Blueprint) using self-assembling tissue spheroids (Bioink) as building blocks. Organ printing includes three main steps: i) pre-processing or designing digital model or blueprint of bioprintable organ constructs; ii) processing or actual bioprinting using tissue spheroids as a bioink and bioprocessible and biocompatible hydrogel as a biopaper and 3D bioprinter as a cartesian type precision robot dispensing biomaterials; iii) post-processing or accelerated tissue maturation. First successful bioprinting of mouse thyroid gland organ construct will be presented.

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