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SELECTBIO Conferences Lab-on-a-Chip and Microfluidics Europe 2018


Single Cell Manipulation and Detection

Marine Verhulsel, Life Sciences Product Manager, Fluigent SA

Microfluidics has emerged as a powerful tool to manipulate cells at single cell level. These manipulations have been extensively used to evaluate the degree of heterogeneity of a population. Cell to cell variability can be quantified in terms of genetics, transcriptomics or biomechanics. In this context, Fluigent has developed highly sensitive and stable instruments which allow for the measurement of single cell tension within a tissue through pipette micro-aspiration. This technique is economical, easy to use and non-invasive compared to traditional AFM, cytoindenter and optical tweezers. Regarding proteomic and genetic analysis, Fluigent has also designed a droplet chip for single cell encapsulation. Decreased volumes (down to picoliters), reduced costs, higher sensitivity and throughput, faster sample processing and readout are valuable benefits of this technology. Finally, identifying specific single cells out of a patient sample can also be determinant for diagnostic applications. High surface to volume ratio related to microfluidics enables detection of rare biomarkers. Increased sensitivity and ability to fully automate protocols using Fluigent products will be presented in the context of circulating tumor cell (CTC) detection.

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