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SELECTBIO Conferences Lab-on-a-Chip and Microfluidics Europe 2024


Combining the Power of Plasmonics and Microfluidics: A Collaboration Between Causeway Sensors, IPHT and STRATEC Consumables

Iris Prinz, Head of Business Development and Sales EMEA, STRATEC Consumables GmbH

In the evolving application of plasmonic devices for biosensing, the partnership between Causeway Sensors, IPHT and STRATEC Consumables is driving innovation in integrated plasmonic and microfluidic devices. This talk delves into the collaborative relationship that enabled the joint manufacture of a cutting-edge product designed by Causeway, focusing on the specialized plasmonic device central to real-time measurement of bioreactor samples like the IgG Titre quantification in Bioprocessing. IPHT Jena realizing nanostructured templates as well as STRATEC Consumables - renowned for its expertise in smart polymer-based consumables, coating technologies, and automated assembly - has been critical in bringing Causeways’ vision to life. The presentation will cover the technical challenges, the solutions developed, and the impact of this collaboration on biopharmaceutical manufacturing, allowing greater insights into behaviours in the bioreactor. By exploring the journey of how STRATEC Consumables realizes these microfluidic devices for Causeway, attendees will gain insight into the critical role of OEM partnerships in pushing the boundaries of what is possible in life sciences, pharma and medical technologies.

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