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Asymmetric Supramolecular-Organocatalysis: Scope and Applications

Dhevalapally B Ramachary, Professor, University of Hyderabad

Recently asymmetric supramolecular-organocatalysis become alternative tool for the metal- and organocatalysis. In this emerging protocol, in-situ generated large-size supramolecular assembly rings are used in the pre-transition state (pre-TS) of enamine- and enol-based Michael reactions for high asymmetric induction, which will be discussed. Enantiomerically pure, drug-like hexahydroxanthenes and spirocyclic compounds with three contiguous stereocenters were synthesized through supramolecular catalysis by D-proline and quinine-NH-thiourea or quinine-NH-thiourea followed by reductive etherification or lactonization reactions, respectively from the functionalized precursors under mild conditions. Full information on this new protocol will be discussed.

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