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SELECTBIO Conferences Innovations in Microfluidics & SCA 2022


Development of a Novel Single Cell Encapsulation System

John McGrath, Project Manager/ Research Scientist, Sphere Fluidics Ltd

Sphere Fluidics has industrialized picodroplet (i.e. pL volume aqueous droplets in oil) technology to enable the screening of tens of millions of single cells and subsequently isolate rare or “high producer” cells. A new instrument is currently being developed at Sphere Fluidics, in partnership with Heriot-Watt University (UK), which enables the rapid and accurate encapsulation of cells in an emulsion of picodroplets of high monodispersity. The semi-automated system relies on closed-loop image-based feedback to enable the calculation of individual picodroplet volumes and subsequently regulate the input pressure of the fluid flow line(s) of the system to adjust and maintain droplet volume over long time periods. This reduces the potential effects of long-term drift in the fluid infusion system and bioassay results are improved due to the superior reproducibility of the cell encapsulation process. This modular system is designed with the objective to be integratable with Sphere Fluidics’ other patented technology to enable a range of novel microfluidic processes and analytics on single and pools of cells.

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