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SELECTBIO Conferences Advances in NGS & Big Data


3rd and Next Generations for DNA Sequencing: Techniques, Applications

Wilhelm Ansorge, Professor, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

Next generation high-throughput DNA sequencing techniques are opening fascinating opportunities in life sciences. Novel fields and applications in biology and medicine are becoming a reality, beyond the genomic sequencing as the original development goal and application. As examples may serve: personal genomics with detailed analysis of individual genomic stretches; precise analysis of RNA transcripts for gene expression (surpassing and replacing in several aspects analysis carried out by various microarray platforms, for instance in reliable and precise quantification of transcripts); and as a tool for identification and analysis of DNA regions that interact with regulatory proteins in functional regulation of gene expression. The next-generation sequencing technologies offer novel and rapid ways for genome-wide characterization and profiling of mRNAs, small RNAs, transcription factor regions, structure of chromatin, and DNA methylation patterns, microbiology and metagenomics. Development of commercial sequencing devices is reviewed, and some European contributions to the field mentioned. Presently commercially available very high throughput DNA sequencing platforms, Single molecule Real-time methods, Nanopores (also with Graphene), Electron Microscopy, as well as other techniques under development are described and their applications in bio-medical fields discussed.

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