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Structuring Nanocarriers for Site Directed Drug Delivery

Suresh P Vyas, Professor, Dr Harisingh Gour University

Conventional drug molecules are often associated with low water solubility, off-target side-effects, speedy clearance from circulation and cytotoxicity. To surmount these limitations, number of multifunctional nanocarriers has been proposed to augment drug delivery. In concept, multifunctional nanocarriers might be controlled release, biodegradable and may be target oriented for drug delivery; however, many challenges are to be faced off during the fabrication of these particles at the stage of pharmaceutical development. As a promising solution to improve these nanoparticles, they are appropriately engineered. These structurally modified nanoparticulate systems are specifically controlled in size and structure and can provide precise scaffolds over sites for chemical attachment of drugs. These drug delivery cargoes are typically nanotechnology-based carrier systems that might put forth the activity of potent bioactive compounds at a pre selected target site, ensuring their effectiveness and safety in the clinical use.

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