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Splenotropic Lipomer: Enabling Shape Directed Selective RES Targetting

Padma Devarajan, Head/Professor, Institute of Chemical Technology

Spleen resident infections present significant challenges in eradication, particularly when they are intracellular. Incomplete sterilization of the spleen following conventional therapy is a major cause for recurrence, high morbidity and even mortality. Leishmaniasis, trypanosomiasis, splenic TB, AIDS, malaria and a host of veterinary zoonotic infections including Brucellosis and Ehrlichiosis are splenotropic. Splenotropic drug delivery systems could provide huge advantage in the effective therapy of such infections. While nanocarriers present an effective armamentarium for tackling intracellular infections, evading the Kuppfer cells represents an important step for splenotropic delivery. Splenotropy therefore demands engineering of ‘‘macrophage evading’’ nanocarriers that on intravenous injection avoid clearance by hepatic kupffer cells yet permitting access and retention in the spleen. We present Asymmetric LIPOMER- lipid polymer nanostructures of Doxycycline hydrochloride as one such carrier for splenotropic delivery. The design and development of LIPOMER and the interesting hypothesis that defines formation of Asymmetric LIPOMER by a simple modified nanoprecipitation technique would be highlighted. High spleen-liver ratios in various animal models confirmed shape mediated Splenotropy, furthermore enhanced clinical efficacy of the Asymmetric LIPOMER of Doxycycline hydrochloride confirmed nanocarrier shape as an important parameter for targetted drug delivery.

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