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Ocular Delivery to the Posterior Eye using a Novel Nanolipo-Polymeric System

Indu Pal Kaur, Professor , Panjab University

After cancer, blindness is the second most dreaded disease world over. It is now observed that >50% of the debilitating eye conditions have their origin in the posterior segment. Diseases of eye, especially the internal eye, are difficult to cure because of the existence of several anatomical and physiological barriers to direct delivery of drugs, and the existence of blood-aqueous and blood-retinal barrier to passage of drugs into the eye post systemic administration. In the present talk, I will explain uptake and clearance pathways in the eye. Next part will include discussion on the use of nanostructured systems to defy the existing ocular barriers so as to reach the internal eye including the retina. Their mucoadhesive and mucopenetrating nature, uptake mechanisms and release characteristics will also be discussed. Last part will focus on the studies from my lab. We have developed a novel nanolipo-polymeric system (IPA: 2074/Del/2014), which could reach up to the retina in an intact form. Studies using fluorescent and transmission electron microscopy of whole eye sections elaborating the corneal and non-corneal pathways followed by it will be included.

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