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Lipid NanoParticle Drug Delivery Systems

Venkateswarlu Vobalaboina, Managing Director, Neuheit Pharma Technologies Pvt Ltd

Lipid nanoparticles have been investigated as potential carriers for drug delivery for last two decades extensively. Majority of the drugs coming from discovery are either BCS class II or class IV drugs with issues related to bioavailability and/or drug delivery. Lipids are integral part of human body and hence are biocompatible. Varieties of lipids are available in nature that can be derived from plant and animal sources and also can be synthesized in laboratory. Poorly soluble drugs can be dissolved, dispersed or trapped in lipid core and processed to obtain particles at Nano size. The presentation covers, selection of formulation ingredients, different methods of preparation of lipid nanoparticles, inclusion of homing devices to achieve targeted drug delivery, characterization of Nano systems, assessment of performance of nanoparticles and applications in pharmaceutical industry. Special attention is made in converting lipid nanoparticles in to various dosage forms suitable for different routes of administration. Discussion on specific problems association with formulation, stabilization and manufacturing of these dosage forms is presented. Quality control issues of Nano particles are presented. Emphasis is made on regulatory requirements; intellectual property and manufacturing issues related to lipid nanoparticle drug delivery systems. The presentation utilizes the research work of speaker in delineating the criticalities at various stages of formulation development and characterization. Finally, discussion on future research areas and potential of lipid nanoparticle drug delivery systems in industrial applications is presented.

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