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Nanotechnology Based Growth Factors Delivery for Tissue Regeneration

Jyotsnendu Giri, Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad

Current techniques of immobilization and loading of growth factor (GF) into a polymer scaffold have shown only limited success in tissue engineering (TE) field due to the loss of GF’s bioactivity during fabrication process and storage, as well as generally low encapsulation efficiency, and uncontrolled release profiles. We developed novel nanoencapsulation of protein in to sugar-glass-matrix (SGnP) to overcome these formidable challenges of GF stabilization and their sustained delivery. SGnP could be used develop a generic platform for GF encapsulated ‘smart-scaffold’ of any polymer and protein system for functional tissues regeneration. It is possible to generate suitable microenvironment of GF in a single scaffold to generate multiple interfacial tissues using the ‘smart scaffold’ system where GFs are encapsulated and stabilized within SGnP system.

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