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Targeted Drug Delivery System through Nanoformulations

Palanivel Venkatesan, Assistant Professor, Annamalai University

Targeted drug delivery is a method of delivering medication to a patient in a manner that increases the concentration of the medication in some parts of the body relative to others. Progress in the field of drug targeting has been slow till thirty five years ago. With the advent of the monoclonal antibody technology in the mid seventies of the last century as well as the development of liposomal and polymeric nanoparticle carriers, the drug targeting field enjoyed a welcoming expansion and the clinical applications of these novel drug delivery systems became a feasible aim. Delivering the drug accurately and safely to its target site at the precise time period to have a controlled release and attain the maximum therapeutic effect remains a benchmark in the design and development of newer drug delivery systems. At present 95 percent of all new potential therapeutics have poor pharmacokinetic and biopharmaceutical properties. Hence there is need to develop a suitable drug system that distributes the therapeutically active drug molecule only to site of action, without affecting healthy tissue or organ. The latest research developments of the Solid lipid nanoparticles are at the forefront of the rapidly developing field of nanotechnology with several potential applications in drug delivery, clinical medicine and research as well as in other varied sciences. Due to their unique size-dependent properties, lipid nanoparticles offer the possibility to develop new therapeutics. The ability to incorporate drugs into nanocarriers offers a new prototype in drug delivery that could be used for secondary and tertiary levels of drug targeting. Hence, solid lipid nanoparticles hold great promise for reaching the goal of controlled and site specific drug delivery and hence have attracted wide attention of researchers. This presentation will discuss the broad treatment of solid lipid nanoparticles discussing their advantages, limitations and their possible remedies. The different typ

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