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Dual Drug Combination Therapy: Current Prospective and Future Challenges

Preeti Nigam Joshi, INSPIRE Faculty, National Chemical Laboratory

Pancreatic adenocarcinoma is the most fatal cancer with minimal survival rate that can be attributed to its drug resistant nature due to the presence of cancer stem cells (CD44). CD44 cells are prima facie responsible for drug resistant and cancer relapse even after the complete regimen for pancreatic cancer. Thus it is imperative to design new drug formulations to overcome the draw backs of conventional therapy with enhanced survival rate and less side effects. Nanotechnology intervention in the field of medicine has open new avenues and application of nanotechnology in combination therapy for cancers is the main focus of this talk. The combinatorial liposomal nanoformulation for pancreatic cancer based on gemcitabine and ursolic acid, along with the advantages and future prospective of combinatorial dual drug therapy will be discussed.

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